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A striking art that focuses on footwork.

Hello, My name is Dan to make a long story short. I love boxing and Korean Karate. Korean Karate being Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo. I also am very fond of the side-stance and slick footwork.

In boxing, I have noticed that different trainers have different footwork ideas on how to train footwork. In a world of martial arts, there is so much talk about power and conditioning. These are very important but I truly believe that footwork is a very underrated aspect of any boxer and martial artist alike.

My goal is to compete and also teach

With everything I learned, my goal is to put everything together and go out and compete to see how well all everything I learned and pass it on.


  1. Basic steps
  2. Single steps
  3. Rotations

Add ons:

  • Sidstep shuffle
  • Bouncing
  • Switching
  • Importance of Kung Fu's various horse stances
  • Prepare to become a Yogi ( this is not a joke!)

I am not joking about the yoga part at all. Lots of these footwork drills are taxing on the human body because tons of them are dynamic in nature. Yoga postures elevate the physical stress from dynamic training. This keeps you healthy and allows you to avoid in aches and pains from explosive plyometric movements that some of these footwork moves happen to be. Also you MUST learn to develop exceptional balance and Yoga is unavoidable,

Don't like Yoga?

Guess what? I really don't care and I am not the right person for you. Korean Karate and boxing are dynamic and very explosive. Phantom footwork takes these two primary styles to combine them as one. If you are looking to avoid yoga then you will find nothing but stiffness and aches. A bodybuilder or a powerlifter cannot grow in size or strength eating 200 calories a day and staying up all night partying. In Phantom Footwork, yoga is a must and this includes yoga in its totality. No deviation allowed!


$40 dollars first session

$75 dollars per session

$500 for 10 sessions

Prices can be lowered if adequate facility is provided. Classes can be added in future.

Regarding Covid-19

Proof of full Vaccination must be provided.


Downtown Vancouver Area. Near West End for potential location. Training will be indoor in a dance or excercise room.

Things to mention

  1. Bring water and loose clothing to session
  2. Do NOT overeat to session. fruits or easy to digest snacks before training
  3. Bad footwork=NO padwork
  4. One thing to mention is that, I plan on moving to United States in near future. I will not be here forever.

If you have any questions, please check this page before contacting Faq and if you do not find your answer, then feel free to contact me for further question

Email: Dan@phantomfootwork.com